Saying Sorry To God

Conventional spiritual wisdom says sinners need to tell the LORD they are sorry and then ask God to help them do better next time. The trouble is, saying you are sorry doesn’t do… Continue reading

The Great Interception

Yahweh spent a thousand years preparing the Jews for Messiah. He created a culture that mirrored His own heart. Every element of family, business and recreation reflected the fact that they had been… Continue reading

The God in the Mountain

Traveling through scriptures, we are fed spiritually as we see God revealed in each and every verse. There is a lot of easy, low hanging fruit for believers to munch on as they… Continue reading

Darling, the Living God of Israel

A friend of mine, a young woman named Margaret, had a whirlwind romance. One day she went out on a date with a man she met at work, and before her next paycheck… Continue reading

The Harvest

It’s hard to beat Jacob’s relationship  with Yahweh.  The beloved of God’s heart from the womb, Jacob actually wrestled with the Father; something that would not happen again for two thousand years; until… Continue reading

So Now You’re A Christian

1- Talk honestly with God. “Come, let us reason together; though Your sins be as scarlet, they shall be white as snow.” Isaiah 1:18 2- Love Yahweh with all your heart. “Hear, O… Continue reading

The Good News Of Modern Men

Homeless Jesus narrowly escapes the Jews and stumbles into the Gentiles, who graciously offer Him refuge in their hearts. The Son of God, glad to find a place to rest His head, and… Continue reading

The First Person

My sister, my son and my employees all know me well, but each knows me in very different ways. An individual can be known as a brother. a father or a boss. Each… Continue reading

Behind The Scenes

Locke is a film about a man who tries to control his entire world from the seat of his car, as he rushes to a hospital, hoping to fulfill his moral responsibilities. Virtually… Continue reading

Between a Rock and a Hard Place

Receiving salvation takes incredible courage. To stand with your heart naked and true before the Living God can be a terrifying prospect. This is because we are guilty and the penalty is death.… Continue reading