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Recalled To Life

My office had been incredibly busy. When the phone rang, I groaned and wondered for the fiftieth time how people seemed to pick the worst moment of the day to call.  Of course,… Continue reading

The Chance

I lay in bed for half the night before I decided to give God a chance. I had been listening to some radio preacher challenge his audience to believe that God is in… Continue reading


Hook Rehab Center was certainly a busy place. Doctors, nurses and transportation orderlies bustled about, chatter filling the hallways. Amidst all the movement, perhaps fifty patients lay on their beds, most of them… Continue reading

The Appointment

The girl lay on the floor, blood covering her face and robe; and as the door closed behind her killer, the prostitute died alone. In the stillness of her apartment, unnoticed by any… Continue reading

The Cry

As any parent can tell you, a baby is born with a cry that her parents simply cannot ignore. A baby’s piercing wail will seek out the parents and, crashing through everything that… Continue reading

Magic Water

One day, long ago, some mysterious men found an artesian well hidden away in an unknown land. They were thirsty and so they drank the water and soon realized that it was not… Continue reading

Off To School

There are times when my kids just can’t seem to get ready for school.  Their hair is uncombed, their homework scattered and they can’t find their shoes.  My children run about the house… Continue reading

The Lion

While visiting a zoo in the Midwest, a young man decided to play with the lions. No doubt they were cute; fluffy manes, great padded feet, a steady purr and liquid yellow eyes.… Continue reading

The Nursery

Babies in a nursery have many unanswered questions. Sometimes a caring nurse or parent will respond to their cry. More often, nobody comes. There is no way for newborns to understand where their… Continue reading

The Mirror

At the top of a long, winding stairway, a floor to ceiling mirror reflects the beautiful entryway of my daughter’s Victorian home. Children run up and down, whizzing by the flawless mirror, unaware… Continue reading